Marble Effect Tiles

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What’s the difference?

Marble Tiles

Marble Effect Tiles

Which is better?

What are marble tiles?

Marble is naturally occurring rock of recrystallised carbonate minerals.

A very high class and luxurious option that is very durable, however it runs at a much higher cost.

The material is porous in which makes it easier to stain and harder to maintain. The surface can be slippery which may not be suitable for home projects such as; bathroom applications.

What are marble effect porcelain tiles?

Marble effect porcelain tiles give you the glamorous look of real marble tiling with the convenience and price tag of porcelain tiles.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor home applications, while marble is more suitable for indoor use only.

Marble tiles are easier to install compared to porcelain however, porcelain tiles are a lot easier to maintain.

Details & Veins

Veins are directly linked to the beauty and appearance of marble. Marble detailing can be a beautiful addition to any room application. Create movement and detail all within the same piece. The lines that cross each piece make for a unique statement and contrast beautifully against the material, creating more texture.

The swirls and veins of a variety of colours are due to mineral impurities originally found as layers in the limestone.

Which is better?

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, marble effect porcelain tiles may be best.

Opt for a marble effect porcelain tile if you’re thinking of having a wet room, bathroom wall/floor application that will see a lot of moisture. They offer various finishes available that are suitable for these kinds of environments. Matte & polished surfaces to make it look like the real thing!

Jolie, Lincoln
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Sensi Gems, Iceberg
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jolie, mirage, wall tiles, floor tiles, pietra grey
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Eternity, Marquina Black
jolie, mirage, wall tiles, floor tiles, calacatta vena antica, amber marble, glossy
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Jolie, Verde Alpi
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mirage jewels emperador selected
sensi gems, iceberg, wall bathroom tiles
sensi gems – iceberg
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