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Outdoor Porcelain Brochure 2021

Some homeowners spend so much time renovating the inside of their home, but give little to no effort on their landscaping and outdoor flooring.

Discover the best outdoor porcelain tiles that will transform your exterior spaces.

Porcelain is the go-to material for any dream exterior renovation. Why is this? The material used is fired at extremely high temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Celsius. This allows them to avoid freezing in the cold months and crackling in the intense heat.

So, what better material to use for the outdoors!

These outdoor pavers are perfect for any outdoor environment. If your goal is to transform your driveway or garage into a sophisticated yet sturdy feature, then this is the perfect type of tile to use. Why not use them to accentuate your garden, pathway, or patio.

Create the illusion of enlarging your outdoor space.

There are so many benefits to our outdoor collections that prove why it’s the top choice. For instance; they resist staining and moulding. Additionally, they’re very low maintenance, so upkeep won’t even be an issue! Who wants to spend hours cleaning impossible stains, dirt and grime anyway? They are highly durable, perfect for many stylish outdoor furnishings to withstand.

Not to mention the aesthetically pleasing design they present.

Everyday Flooring

Some outdoor flooring we may see in our everyday lives can include wood, brick, and concrete.

However, these come with some disadvantages that porcelain can overcome!

For example, wood can become vulnerable to decay due to humidity and such weather conditions as well as breakage if a solid framework is not created.

Bricks are very porous and permeable to moisture. Absorbing any liquid spilled on it, staining and eventually lead to decay. This makes cleaning a more difficult task.

Concrete flooring tends to be very hard and offers no give under foot making it a little uncomfortable. It also allows for moisture to build up and cause mould.

These collections preview the many unique styles to choose from. A variety of look-alike materials such as natural stone effect, concrete effect, micro-effect, and ceramic floor designs to show just how diverse porcelain slabs can be! From warm to cool tones that also incorporate detailed designs and patterns within the tiles. Numerous sizes for a real customisable application.


These tiles offer multiple advantages to make your life a lot easier and still have your outdoor areas looking beautiful. Non-slip finishes that can promote safer use is perfect for environments that see a lot of rain and busy foot paths.

The collection is also multifunctional, so you can use them for wall and floor applications as well as for swimming pool accessories. Why not have a stunning wall piece that matches the flooring!

If you want a stunning outdoor feature, whether you’re planning on fixing up your patio, garden or driveway, there are endless design ideas that you can achieve with our vast collections of outdoor pavers. From a subtle and sophisticated look to an intricate detailed display. These tiles can withhold any outdoor conditions and remain its outstanding appearance.

What better material is there to choose?

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