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    10x60cm, 30x60cm, 60x60cm, 60x120cm, 120x120cm, 120x278cm, 160x320cm


    9mm, 20mm Exterior Slab

    Available Finishes

    Natural, Polished, Structured (Exterior Slab)

    Blue Savoy Gallery

    Additional Information

    The range “Blue Savoy” displays high-quality, full-bodied porcelain tiles. These tiles highlight the beauty of natural stone and display a selection of blue to grey tones. This offers a modern and sleek design. The Blue Savoy collection re-interprets the solid elegance and dynamic effect of the original stone. Additionally, it is an ideal application for environments for either indoor or outdoor. These are modern design schemes for a combination of cladding walls and floors.

    The colour palette offers a selection of 4 dark stone shades that embody all the glacial appeal of the Alps. A sophisticated grey scale ranging from pales to intense tones ,yet embracing colder and slightly warmer shades. Moreover, the surface replicates the appeal of natural stone. However it offers great performance, strength and structure.

    • Blue
    • Grey
    • Graphite
    • Moon

    The collection displays a range of high-quality porcelain tiles that are manufactured in Italy.

    The different material effects available in the range make these collections ideal for customising any space. Stone, metal sheet, marble, wood and concrete are skilfully combined to create unique and original situations. The exclusive Blue Savoy stone shades stand out from its crystalline background texture by lighter veins of colour.

    This collection offers a range of aesthetic solutions with high performance. Multi-functioning indoor and outdoor flooring that has a variety of potential environments. This product can be inspired to transform any living spaces and are a real showstopper. This makes it perfect for transforming and livening up any room within the house. Similarly, it can improve your outdoor areas. Such as, patio, garden or even special trims and features for a swimming pool build.


    Sizing and Dimensions

    The range is of large format tiles that come in a range of sizes of 100 x 600mm (10x60cm) | 300 x 600mm (30x60cm) | 600 x 600mm (60x60cm) | 600 x 1200mm (60x120cm) | 1200 x 1200mm (120x120cm) | 1200 x 2780mm (120x278cm) | 1600 x 3200mm (160x320cm)  with a thickness of 9mm for interior and 20mm for exterior slabs.



    It offers an anti-slip finish to boost performance for indoor and outdoor use. Alternatively, if you require a large quantity of any of our tiles, then please contact us and we can discuss your requirements further. Additionally, the range offers chemical, physical and surface properties. These include, water absorption, abrasion resistance, bending and breaking strength. As well as, thermal shock stain, frost and chemical resistance.



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