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    20x120cm, 30x240cm



    Available Finishes

    Natural, Structured 20mm

    Jurupa Gallery

    Additional Information

    The collection “Jurupa” displays high-quality, full-bodied porcelain tiles. These tiles highlight the wood effect and display a selection of natural wood tones. This offers a modern sleek design. Above all, this range is an ideal application for environments for either indoor or outdoor use. These are modern design schemes for a combination of cladding walls and floors.

    This collection boasts a range of neutral shades. All displaying natural warm tones. Jurupa can customise any space and create constantly changing material effects. In addition, it is perfect for any commercial or domestic tiling application. Using modern solutions, different styles and the desire to experiment new ideas. The refinement allows the range to stand out for their distinctive textures.

    These pieces have multiple features. For example, the colours in addition to the wood effect texture that can further enhance your living spaces. Using the collection’s range of artistic and contemporary variations. With visually striking contrasts, that fit in perfectly with the sophisticated style that we see in today’s architecture. The surface replicates the appeal of natural wood; however, it offers great performance and structure.



    • JP01 Basic
    • JP02 Cool
    • JP03 Master
    • JP04 Camp
    • JP05 Wild


    A perfectly smooth blend of warmth and elegance, in which surfaces are enhanced by grouted details and smooth, planed sections. The porcelain material and size of these tiles, make it ideal for customising any space. This collection offers a range of aesthetic solutions with high performance. Multi-functioning use of indoor and outdoor wall and floor applications. Jurupa can transform your living spaces into a real showstopper. Therefore, it makes it perfect for livening up any room.


    Sizing and Dimension

    The range is of large format tiles that come in a wide range of sizes of 200x1200mm (20x120cm) and 300x2400mm (30x240cm). Along with a thickness of 9mm.



    Available surfaces include Natural and structured 20mm. Alternatively, if you require a large quantity of any of our tiles, then please contact us and we can discuss your requirements further. Additionally, Jurupa offers chemical and physical properties. For example, water absorption, flexion resistance, resistance to abrasion, thermal shock, and cracking resistance. As well as frost resistance and cleaning products.



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