Ceramic surfaces resulting from the calibrated fusion of stone and marble. The perfect synergy of visual and tactile perceptions creates a highly realistic three-dimensional effect.

Modular sizes on the 3 surfaces, different non-slip performance, outdoor solutions on two thicknesses and matching decorations. Available in porcelain stoneware (9.5 mm-thick) and (20 mm-thick) designed for outdoor surfaces.

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    30x60cm, 60x60cm, 60x120cm


    9.5mm, 20mm

    Available Finishes

    Natural, Worn, Rough

    Anthology Gallery

    Additional Information

    Anthology is a collection of ideal ceramic stone. The combination of  types of marble and stone with opposite styles in five original mineral forms. Above all, five outstanding aesthetic models that celebrate the charm and beauty of nature.

    Both versatile and resistant, these ceramic surfaces are easy to sanitise. Additionally, due to their integrated protect antibacterial technology, they eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria.




    White – This warm and welcoming ceramic stone evokes the light of a summer morning. It owes its calming mixture to shades ranging from white to amber.

    Desert – Radiant and intensely natural, Desert emits feelings of well-being. The general sand colour is enhanced by straw yellow, light grey and even delicate orange notes.

    Earth – The result is a palette of greys and beiges. This includes a golden mottled effect, colourful inclusions and jagged veins. In addition to a bold and decorative style.

    Gray – A pure mineral structure, enhanced by a few veins reminiscent of Italian marble. The tones ranging from white to silver. As well as notes of beige and even honey-coloured touches.

    Dark – Sophisticated and modern, it features a dark grey background. That includes warm, sepia-coloured cloud effects. A North-African marble is the inspiration for its large charcoal streaks, tempered by fine amber-grey veins.

    Sizing and Dimensions

    Anthology is of large format tiles that come in a range of sizes of 300x600mm (30x60cm) , 600x600mm (60x60cm), 600x1200mm (60x120cm). Along with a thickness of 9.5mm and 20mm designed for outdoor surfaces.


    Each of the three available finishes (Natural, Worn and Rough) features specific graphic details. A synergy of visual and tactile data that produces a highly realistic 3D effect. Furthermore, a hygienic, long-lasting and environmentally friendly product.

    Alternatively, if you require a large quantity of any of our tiles, then please contact us and we can discuss your requirements further. Additionally, the range offers chemical, physical, and surface properties.


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