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    26x200cm, 10x60cm, 20x120cm, 60x60cm, 30x120cm, 30x180cm


    7mm, 9mm, 20mm

    Available Finishes

    Natural, Anti Slip

    Nordik Wood Gallery

    Additional Information

    The range “Nordik Wood” displays high-quality, full-bodied porcelain tiles. These tiles highlight the beauty of warm earthy tones of wood. This collection boasts a range of sizes and display a selection of wood like themes. This offers a sleek design. The focus of the range is elegance and a natural look. Natural wood inspires the range and can customise any space and create constantly changing material effects. A combination is used of wood, stone, plaster and decorative patterns.

    The Nordik wood collection reproduces the imperfections and heterogeneous details of reclaimed wooden planks. That perfectly fits with the strict minimalism of northern European design and lend warmth to any ambience. Contemporary solutions, incorporated by different styles and the desire to experiment new ideas. It demonstrates the use of outdoor elements and allows for a natural look right in your home. These slabs are ideal for flooring and wall coverings in almost every environment and can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings.


    The colour palette offers a selection of 4 shades and 2 pattern styles. The surface replicates that of the appeal of natural wood, however it offers great performance, and structure.

    • Beige
    • Brown
    • Gold
    • Smoke
    • Palace Beige Gold
    • Mansion Gold Brown


    The collection displays a range of high-quality porcelain tiles that are manufactured in Italy.

    The different material effects available in the range make it ideal for customising any space. Multi-functioning indoor and outdoor flooring that has a variety of potential environments. This product can inspire to transform your indoor living spaces into a real showstopper. As well as your outdoor areas such as, patio and garden.


    Sizing and Dimension

    The range is of large format tiles that come in a wide range of sizes of 260x2000mm (26x200cm), 100x600mm (10x60cm), 200x1200mm (20x120cm), 600x600mm (60x60cm), 300x1200mm (30x120cm), 300x1800mm (30x180cm). Along with a thickness of 7mm, 9mm and 20mm.


    It offers an anti-slip finish to boost performance for indoor and outdoor use. Alternatively, if you require a large quantity of any of our tiles, then please contact us and we can discuss further. Additionally, the range offers chemical, physical, and surface properties. For example, water absorption, breaking strength, abrasion resistance. As well as, thermal shock, frost resistance, chemical resistance and resistance to staining. Moreover, features also include a grid style slab specific for water drainage. For applications such as showers.



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