Outdoor porcelain pavers, Dolomite is an extremely high quality, Italian made outdoor porcelain tiles with a natural slate look. Its Anti Slip properties make it ideal for any exterior application. A range in 4 neutral shades. Modify your patio, garage, garden with these sophisticated tiles that highlight the beauty of natural stone.

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    60 x 90 2cm



    Available Finishes

    Structured 20mm

    Other Applications

    Outdoor surfaces only

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    dolomite size and colour details

    The range “Dolomite” displays extremely high-quality, full-bodied Italian made porcelain tiles. Uniquely made with a natural slate look. The collection is a range of large format outdoor tiles. The innovative collection that obtains creativity, durability, and neutral colour. It has the aesthetic appeal of a palette of 4 shades. Whether you’re transforming your outdoor patios, driveway, and garage or creating a unique garden design. These tiles are ideal for any exterior use that in turn, highlight the beauty of natural stone. Additionally, this allows to create a more modern and sleek design. Moreover, these are modern design schemes for a combination of cladding walls and floors.

    The collection brings a sleek contemporary touch to any living spaces. This therefore gives the tiles excellent wear as well as foot traffic resistance. The unique qualities of porcelain guarantee exceptional levels of hygiene and practicality.

    This allows the use of porcelain slabs in the most diverse of applications. Outdoor residential spaces for instance, garages, patios, and driveways. However, it can be adopted as a distinctive element in commercial projects for example, lounge bars, restaurants, and shops. Moreover, it also opens new opportunities for cladding exterior. It has contemporary solutions, incorporated by different styles and the desire to experiment new ideas.


    The Dolomite colour palette offers a selection of 4 neutral shades. In turn, the surface replicates that of the appeal of natural stone, however it offers unbeatable performance, strength and structure.

    • Ivory
    • Grey
    • Beige
    • Anthracite


    The collection displays a range of extremely high-quality outdoor tiles that are made in Italy.

    This collection offers a range of solutions with unbeatable performance. Multi-functioning outdoor flooring that has a variety of potential environments. This includes residential spaces, public and commercial spaces, external facades and pavements. Moreover, it can be used for specific outdoor features. Such as, flower beds, window and door thresholds. It also offers special trims and features for swimming pool builds. Such as, stairs, handrails, and pool copings that come in the 4 neutral shade selection.


    Size and dimensions

    The range is of large format tiles that come in a specific size of 60×90 with a thickness of 2cm



    It offers an R-11 anti-slip finish to boost performance for outdoor use. If you require a large quantity of any of our tiles, then please contact us and we can discuss further. Additionally, other properties include easy installation, easy to maintain clean, colour resistance to light exposure, resistance to frost, flame retardant stain resistant, immune to mould. It has excellent breaking strength, bending strength and toughness.



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