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Vice Versa

VICEVERSA is an interpretation of poured concrete enriched by graphics that faithfully reproduce the characteristic flakes and clasts found in the classic sand and mortar mixtures, applied manually by expert craftsmen. A range of balanced, neutral colours in shades of grey, white and black and a multicolour terrazzo for maximum versatility.

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30×60cm, 60×60cm, 80×80cm, 60×120cm, 120x120cm, 120x278cm



Available Finishes

Natural, brushed, structured


ViceVersa - VV01
ViceVersa - VV02
ViceVersa - VV03
ViceVersa - VV04
ViceVersa - VV05
ViceVersa - VV06
ViceVersa - VV07
ViceVersa - VV08
ViceVersa - VV20

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