Wide and Style

Wide and Style is the innovative ceramic wallpaper project, created by combining huge wall clad panels together. Along with an intensive study of ceramic decoration. These designs are perfect for transforming any area of the home.

Latest-generation digital technologies create bright, intense colours even on tiles fired at very high temperatures that consequently have excellent wear and foot traffic resistance. The large sizes reduce the perception of the grout joints and give free rein allowing those who can use porcelain slabs in the most diverse applications.

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    60x120cm, 120x240cm, 160x320cm



    Available Finishes

    Digit, Digit +

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    Additional Information

    Wide and Style is a range of decorative large format porcelain tiles. The innovative ceramic wallpaper project. A combination of huge wall cladding panels. Firstly, available in several decorative and eccentric patterns. These are perfect for transforming any area of the home. Along with renewed attention to decor in new forms of expression to bring a distinctive, personal touch to every project. With the historical textures and graphic elements. Along with the colour research, it allows to develop surfaces that are ideal for vibrant and contemporary spaces.

    The range displays high-quality, full-bodied porcelain tiles. In addition to this, the collection brings a light-hearted, decorative touch to contemporary spaces. The large sizes reduce the appeal of grout joints and give free rein. This therefore allows the use of porcelain slabs in the most diverse of applications. Residential spaces for instance, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms are ideal. However, it can be a distinctive element in commercial projects. For example, a lounge bars, restaurants, and shops. Moreover, it also opens new opportunities for cladding exterior. It has contemporary solutions, incorporated by different styles and the desire to experiment new ideas.



    The decorative possibilities are furthermore enhanced by the range of colourful patterns. Along with visually striking contrasts fitting in perfectly with the sense of history and adventure. It offers great performance, strength, and structure. The vintage texture, geometric patterns and optical effects coupled with a mixed colour palette are designed to meet the most diverse stylistic and design requirements. The aesthetics and patterns designed for these decorations similarly compare with fabrics.

    Shades and Patterns
    • Arcoboleno
    • Antique Black
    • Grey
    • Avantgarde Coal
    • Baloon B
    • Blocks Sage
    • Botanical Blue
    • Brush Violet
    • City B
    • Firenze Leon
    • Handmade
    • Jungle Blue
    • Paint the House
    • Palms Blue
    • Butterfly
    • Pop Marble Black
    • Rain Forest
    • Roma Ara
    • Rondelet Dark
    • Sicily
    • Spring
    • Sixties Light
    • Tropical Flamingo
    • Venezia Doge
    • Tropicana
    • Woods B

    The collection displays the tiles produced by ABK. The Italian manufacturer reproduces the material’s distinctive size and dynamic pattern and surface in order to create highly realistic graphic effects. The porcelain material of these tiles, make these collections ideal for customising any space. This collection offers a range of aesthetic solutions with high performance. Multi-functioning for indoor and outdoor wall and floor applications that has a variety of potential environments. This product can be inspired to transform your living spaces, perfect for livening up any areas.


    Sizing and Dimensions

    The range consists of large format tiles that come in sizes of 1200 x 2400mm (120x240cm) | 600 x 1200mm (60x120cm) | 1600 x 3200mm (160x320cm) with a thickness of 7mm.


    Alternatively, if you require a large quantity of any of our tiles, then please contact us and we can discuss your requirements further. Additionally, the range offers chemical, physical, and surface properties. This therefore gives the tiles excellent wear as well as foot traffic resistance. Surfaces include, Digit and Digit+.


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