Wide and Style

With the advent of new sizes (160×320/120×270/120×240 cm), porcelain stoneware is breaking out of its traditional role as a surface covering to take centre stage in any space. The idea of “Wall decor” means reducing the visual perception of the joints to create a ceramic surface that extends beyond the individual tiles. Large-size slabs are like a blank sheet in the hands of designers and visual artists who create sophisticated collections with a heterogeneous style under the guidance of the ABK Style Department. The exclusive WIDE&STYLE collection features many different graphic design inspirations (retro, urban and industrial) and is produced from 6 and 7 mm thick porcelain using latest-generation digital decoration.



1200 x 2400, 1600 x 3200, 600 x 1200 4PC Compozition



Available Finishes

Digit, Digit +

Wide and Style Gallery

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