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Ilbagno, for integrated bathroom and housing projects. A collection of sinks and countertops, shower trays, screens, bathtubs and furniture fronts in porcelain and Solid Surface. Advanced materials with the best technical properties for challenging spaces like bathrooms.



The A Piedi and Occhiata collection is an interplay between handmade and machine-made, between simplicity and complexity. A Piedi, a series of tuttomassa porcelain tiles, captures the essence of natural clay in an unprecedented 1×1 metre format, evoking the primordial connection between human beings and the earth. Meanwhile, Occhiata, an extruded stoneware lattice, delivers an artistic touch with its hand-painting, subtly coordinated with the tones of A Piedi.

The two pieces interact to create an atmosphere that invites reflection and appreciation for the authenticity of the materials. 



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