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Tile Trends in Sussex 2024: Luxury and Innovation in Tiling

2024 brings transformative trends to Sussex’s tile industry, reshaping luxury and design concepts in homes. Last year’s shifts have laid the groundwork for this year’s innovative designs. At The Tile People, we lead the way, eagerly guiding you through these trends.

Our expertise extends over 25 years, providing unique insights into evolving client preferences. This article explores emerging trends shaping luxury bathrooms, beautiful homes, and innovative spaces in Sussex.

Embracing Large Format Slabs

The UK’s passion for large format tiles is growing in 2024. This trend now redefines spaces, beyond just aesthetics. The Tile People provide a variety of porcelain slabs for seamless, expansive areas with few grout lines. These slabs enhance continuity and elegance in any space.

Our collection features styles from sleek, modern designs to rich, textured finishes. Ideal for feature walls, expansive floors, and statement pieces in luxury bathrooms and kitchens. Large format tiles represent more than design; they’re a lifestyle statement of modern luxury and sophistication.

Bespoke Beauty: Our Spanish Partnership

Our partnership with a top Spanish group highlights our dedication to unique, luxurious designs in Sussex. We’re redefining tile design possibilities together. Our bespoke porcelain basins, crafted with these artisans, are true art pieces. They can be a room’s centre piece or blend with the design.

This collaboration brings exclusive, custom designs, enhancing various spaces. We cater to luxury bathrooms and high-end commercial areas. Each project we handle is as unique as our clients, ensuring distinctiveness.

The Charm of Small Format Tiles

Large tiles are popular, but small format tiles are also experiencing a resurgence. The industry now boasts a vast array of shapes, styles, and finishes. At The Tile People, we help clients navigate these overwhelming options with personalised guidance. Small tiles can create intricate mosaics for bespoke kitchens or vibrant, patterned bathroom floors.

Their detail and intricacy can truly enliven a space. We’ll examine the latest trends in small format tiles, including geometric and handcrafted designs. These tiles are ideal for creating stunning, unique spaces.

Rustic Elegance with Porcelain Imitations

In 2023, porcelain flagstones with rustic edges gained popularity, reflecting a trend towards natural aesthetics. We’ve added
Ca’ Pietra to our collection, blending natural stone’s rustic charm with porcelain’s practicality. The new Ca’ Pietra showroom in Sussex will display these attractive tiles, perfect for warm, welcoming environments in homes and businesses. We’ll show how these elegant, rustic tiles can introduce an outdoor feel indoors, creating inviting and stylish spaces.

Revival of Wood Effect Tiles

In 2023, wood effect tiles saw a resurgence with a new twist, despite expectations of declining popularity. We’re now observing large format square tiles with intricate parquet patterns and bigger planks. These new wood effect tiles styles are anticipated to become popular in 2024.

They blend classic wood charm with porcelain’s durability and low maintenance. This section explores how these tiles add warmth and character to various settings. They suit both traditional homes and modern commercial spaces, offering diverse finishes and patterns.

The In-and-Out Look with Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are popular for indoor-outdoor looks, a trend that’s growing. Our range offers natural finishes and R11 anti-slip surfaces, enabling seamless indoor-outdoor transitions. This section explores how porcelain tiles extend living spaces and enhance openness, connecting with nature. We’ll showcase successful projects where we’ve achieved this indoor-outdoor look, creating unified spaces that blur inside-out boundaries.

Moving Beyond Grey

Grey has long dominated contemporary design, but there’s a shift towards warmer tones and vibrant colours. Our showroom now features new colours for all tastes and preferences. We offer luxurious onyx tiles, warm beige, and bright orange, embracing a colourful palette. This section highlights new colour trends in interior design, offering fresh perspectives and creative possibilities for client projects.

Global Trends Influencing the UK Market

The global tile industry impacts UK trends significantly. Rising shipping costs shift focus to European suppliers. Our closeness to Italian and Spanish innovators offers a unique advantage. We adopt global trends, like introducing Indian ranges, while sourcing mainly from Europe. This section discusses global trends shaping the UK market and our strategy to bring the best worldwide to Sussex


Creating your dream space should be a delightful journey of discovery. At The Tile People, we’re passionate about realising your vision. Book a free 15-minute consultation call with us. Together, we’ll transform your ideas into reality. There’s no pressure, just expert support and guidance. Every project is unique; we ensure your tile selection fits your space, style, and needs perfectly.


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