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Tiling Trends Over the Past Few Years

Tiling Trends Over the Past Few Years

Tiling trends have come a long way, reflecting the ever-evolving pulse of interior design trends. As homeowners and designers scoured for fresh ways to breathe life into spaces, tiles emerged as versatile canvases that embody both functionality and art. Let’s journey back and recount the influential tile trends that have graced our homes.

1. A Dive into the Blues

An eternal favourite, blue has painted many a kitchen and bathroom with its cool and serene vibes. While its dominance in design realms has ebbed and flowed, there’s whisperings of a resurgence. With blue tiles ranging from deep navy to gentle azure, are we poised at the brink of another blue renaissance?

2. Green Envy - A Digital Sensation

Few trends have captured the digital world’s imagination like the green small-format tiles. Paired often with gold or brass taps and shower heads, this trend transformed bathrooms into glamorous chambers reminiscent of vintage luxury.

3. Neutral Stone, Warm Visions

Neutral stone-effect tiles have been adored for their ability to elongate and brighten spaces through light reflection. Paired with light wood or rattan furniture, this trend whispered of earthy, warm aesthetics, bringing forth an ambiance that was both chic and inviting.

4. Geometry at Play

Geometric tiles broke the monotony. Used audaciously in kitchens and showers, they offered a fresh design narrative. With more than one colour thrown into the mix, they introduced an element of surprise and modernity to spaces.

5. Timeless Elegance with Marble Effect

Marble effect tiles, with their inherent luxe quality, have steadfastly claimed their space in our homes. Their adaptability—to be mixed with other tiles, patterns, and designs—ensured their unwavering popularity.

6. Delving into Darkness

Contrary to traditional design ethos, dark tiles became a favoured choice, especially in smaller spaces. When complemented with maximalist decor, these tiles added depth, texture, and a sumptuous character to interiors.

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